Reports submitted by each participant of the Run M2 NSCLC Challenge have been collated into a single PDF by sample number. All Sample 1 results have been provided to assessors as a single PDF while all Sample 2 and 3 results have been provided to assessors in separate PDF files to facilitate easier comparison of the different reporting styles of each participant. Assessors should have received these three PDF files in a previous email from the CPQA-AQCP.

Results have been redacted to conceal the identity of each participating molecular laboratory, and each participant has been assigned a three-digit Lab ID beginning with “9”. As an assessor, please review each PDF while simultaneously completing the online webform (desktop- and mobile-friendly) for each participant.

Each webform can be saved so that you can return later to a partially completed form on the same device if you were not be able to complete assessment of all participant results in a single sitting. Please ensure you have cookies enabled in your browser and test out this saving feature before proceeding very far into your evaluation.

Below please find the link to the webform for each sample:

Sample 1: CHONG, Terrence

Sample 2: WALLACE, Roger

Sample 3: GRAY, Diane