CIQC is changing from an academic program hosted in the Departments of Pathology at the University of British Columbia and the University of Saskatchewan into two new programs to better reflect the evolving world of biomarker testing in Canadian and international laboratories.

The Canadian Pathology Quality Assurance – Assurance Qualité Canadienne en Pathologie (CPQA-AQCP) is a federal not-for-profit corporation that will focus on routine biomarker testing. The Canadian Biomarker Quality Assurance – Programme canadien d’assurance de la qualité des biomarqueurs (CBQA-PCAB) will focus on research, development, and quality assurance of established and emerging predictive/prognostic biomarkers and will also include proficiency testing for pathologists’ biomarker readout. is an online program for proficiency testing of pathologists’ and technologists’ biomarker readout, which was just launched and is now changing the name to As all CIQC laboratories are entitled to free access to, we use this opportunity to share with you the CIQC affiliation code: uMJ6xXTk. The code will be active until the end of 2020. You will need it at the time of registration with

CIQC Data Transfer Agreement

Your institution currently has designated email contacts, a phone number and a mailing address on file with the CIQC to allow shipment of proficiency testing challenges. This information can be updated at any time but your consent is required immediately to allow transfer of this information to the CPQA-AQCP and the CBQA-PCAB. If you do not provide consent to transfer the information, your institution will automatically be unsubscribed from any proficiency testing by these organizations.

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